• Recommendation by O V L Kiran Kumar

    I have known Saket since early 2009 when he did his initial internship stint with the startup I was working on. He was hired based on his skill and interest to develop games in Flash. Saket joined Fortuity Infotech (our company) full time in 2010 and has worked with the same till 2014. Saket has worked me directly on building our gaming platform and the UI/UX for a suite of games.

    Since the time Saket joined us, he has grown tremendously as a technical resource and more importantly as a person. He has shown a significant improvement in his understanding of User Experience. We have had several lively discussions on game mechanics, gamification and consumer engagement. He has contributed significantly to all those areas.

    I would recommend Saket to join any gaming company as he would be an asset to their team and especially so for social gaming companies building their games using the Flash/Flex development frameworks.

    O V L Kiran Kumar
    Fortuity Infotech Pvt. Ltd.