• Rummy


     TaashTime  http://taashtime.com/en_GB/game
     TaashTime (Desktop version)  http://taashtime.com/downloads/taashtime/desktop/rummy/offline-version/TaashTime.exe
     TaashTime (Android)  Comming soon
     Taashtime Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/taashtime.rummy
     Play Rummy on Facebook  https://apps.facebook.com/playrummynow
     Play Rummy Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/playrummynow

    Test Login

     username  saket
     password  qwerty


     Fortuity Infotech Pvt. Ltd  http://fortuity.in

    My Role

    • My first and foremost role was to analyse the game play and user experience.
    • I was responsible to develop the client side of the game. Art work was provided to me.
    • I built tutorial on top of the game, so we walk new users through the game and make them acquainted to the game environment.
    • I built game log, users can watch the entire game play whenever they want and analyse the game.
    • I worked closely with the server side development team and was active participant in designing server – client communication protocol.
    • I worked closely with the design team to bring out the best user experience to the games.
    • I was responsible for developing several in game components like chat, help, deposit, settings and many more.
    • I actively participate in fraud detection.
    • I am responsible to add new features and maintaining the client side of the game.
    • I actively participated in the deployment of the game on social networks like ibibo and playgully.
    • I headed the deployment of the game on biggest social network Facebook.
    • I am responsible to maintain Facebook Page for Play Rummy and Taashtime.


    • One of the greatest challenge I faced while developing the games was to make it easy for users to manage the cards while playing the game by sorting, grouping the cards and rearranging the cards by dragging and dropping the cards.
    • Another challenge that I faced during the development is to make different themes on same code base, just by changing the FLA.
    • Memory leak is the major problem people face while developing games in Flash, I took all caution of memory management and provided users with smooth and efficient game play.