• Doctor Bingo

    Doctor Bingo brings to life the buzzing Brazilian street life of video bingo into the social arena. Known brands such as Show Ball, Turbo 90 and many more are gathered together in one exciting application, producing an “old school” unique experience same as it really was in those local Video Bingo Halls of Brazil. Introducing Slot machines and much more in future.

    Doctor Bingo Lobby

    Key features

    • The application supports three languages English, Portuguese & Spanish.
    • Has nineteen Video Bingo games and one Slot game. More games coming in future.
    • Equipped with all social features like sharing events, inviting friends, leaderboard, etc.
    • Players can participate in tournaments and enjoy the game with friends and other players.
    • Loads of promotions for all the players.
    • A lot of bonuses for players to get free coins like daily bonus, hourly bonus and many more.
    • Players can send gifts to their friends.
    Doctor Bingo Turbo 90 Doctor Bingo Pachinko


     Doctor Bingo on Facebook  https://apps.facebook.com/doutorbingo
     Doctor Bingo Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/DoutorBingoFans


     Gamesmart Ltd  http://gamestamrtltd.com

    My Role

    • I am responsible handling Flash Client development of the application.
    • I also actively interact with Server side development team and Design team.
    • Implemented features like daily bonus, hourly bonus, ability to send gifts to friends, inviting friends to the application, ability to share on Facebook, publishing user actions to Facebook, etc.
    • Implemented client side of tournament for the games.
    • Guiding new developers joining the Flash Client Development Team.
    • For several months I was creating promotions, now this task is given to other developer.
    • I have integrated nineteen Video Bingo games and one Slot game. More games will be coming soon in the future.
    • Basically any task regarding Flash Client of the application falls under my responsibility, implementing new feature, maintenance of the application, integrating new games, etc.


    • Optimizing file size
    • Improving server connection flow