• 15 Puzzle Saga

    15 Puzzle Saga brings a new perspective to traditional 15 Puzzle game with a lot of fun and entertainment. It comes with several variations, different grid size, wild stones, fixed stones and much more to make the game challenging. There are several power ups you can use in the game like Time machine, freeze and plus moves. You can buy the power ups from pawn shop or you can practice witchcraft to get your desired power ups. And 15 Puzzle Saga comes with loads of bonuses.

    15 Puzzle Saga Lobby

    Key features

    • The application supports different grid size up to 9×9.
    • Wild stones & Fixed stones.
    • Pawn shop
    • Spell book
    • Witchcraft
    • Loads of bonuses
    15 Puzzle Saga Wutchcraft 15 Puzzle Saga Game


     15 Puzzle Saga Website  http://15puzzlesaga.com
     15 Puzzle Saga on Facebook  https://apps.facebook.com/fifteenpuzzlesaga
     15 Puzzle Saga Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/15puzzlesaga


     The Confluence  https://the-confluence.com

    My Role

    • I am responsible handling Flash Client development of the application.
    • I also guide the Server side development team and Design team.


    • The biggest challenge for 15 Puzzle Saga was to create hundreds of puzzle variations of the simple 15 Puzzle game.